City Worker Union Says Occupy Fight is Local

Monday, December 19, 2011

City Worker Union Says Occupy Fight is Local(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Saying that “Teachers, social workers, clerks, and all types of workers who provide vital services to the people of DC have suffered while a tiny minority continue to watch their wealth skyrocket,” DC AFSCME Local 2401 President Sabrina Brown (at left) recently delivered supplies to Occupy DC, including sleeping bags, water, and other camping supplies. AFSCME Local 2401 members – who work at the District’s Department of Child & Family Services and Department of Human Services – “stand in solidarity with the brave brothers and sisters who are in the streets,” said Brown, “raising their voices and refusing to back down to the small minority who are killing the American dream for millions of working class people.” While unemployment “continues to devastate the DC and Maryland working class,” Brown noted, “Public schools are neglected, and replaced by privately run schools.  Desperately needed tax money is given to developers who continue the planned gentrification project to change the city’s ‘culture’,” revealing “the inherent racism of a system that values profits over peoples’ needs.” To find out how you or your local can best support the DC occupations, please email - photo courtesy of AFSCME Local 2401


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