Call Spreads for Resignation of Walmart Chairman, CEO

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Call Spreads for Resignation of Walmart Chairman, CEO(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)A deli manager at a California Walmart has started an online petition calling for the resignations of Walmart Chairman S. Robson Walton and CEO Mike Duke in the wake of allegations of Walmart’s bribery in Mexico. Venazi Luna works at the Walmart in Pico Rivera, California and started the petition - which also demands “a thorough and independent investigation by a highly-respected external organization” last Thursday and already has more than 5,000 signatures. “I’ve given a lot to this company and I’m very angry that top executives at Walmart are said to be involved in bribing public officials in Mexico and then trying to cover the whole thing up,” said Luna. The New York Times reported Tuesday that “the scandal in Mexico has provided opponents with new ammunition,” much of which “has been directed at blocking specific expansion plans.” “In DC we’re calling for a construction halt until a full investigation is completed as well as investigation into Walmart’s giving to local politicians and community groups” Respect DC’s Mike Wilson told Union City. “This [scandal in Mexico] is just another example of what Walmart is really about and why we need a Community Benefits Agreement before any stores open here.” Plus, click here for Pete Tucker’s story Walmart’s attempts to enter DC and NYC in The Fight Back. - photo of Respect DC protester by Julia Kann


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