Wal-Mart Threat to Cancel DC Stores Called "Economic Blackmail"

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wal-Mart Threat to Cancel DC Stores Called (Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

Metro Washington Council President Jos Williams blasted Wal-Mart’s threat to cancel three DC stores as “economic blackmail.” With the DC City Council poised to vote on a bill today requiring large retailers to pay a living wage, the giant retailer preemptively announced yesterday that it would cancel plans to build stores in Skyland, Capitol Gateway, and New York Avenue if the bill is approved. “This is nothing more than a desperate last-ditch attempt to blackmail councilmembers who have supported the Large Retailer Accountability Act,” said Williams. “The ‘kinder, gentler’ Wal-Mart that has professed so much interest in good jobs, shopping and foods for our community has returned to the kind of brazen intimidation and steam-roller tactics we’ve seen across the country and indeed, around the world.” Williams said that he was confident that “DC City Council members will stand up to Wal-Mart’s coercive tactics and support fair, just wages for workers in DC by approving the LRAA.” - photo: Respect DC "Walmart at 50" Parade, May 2012 by Chris Garlock


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