AFGE Decries Retaliatory Tactics, Discrimination In Federal Prisons

Thursday, July 21, 2011

AFGE Decries Retaliatory Tactics, Discrimination In Federal Prisons(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Corrections workers in our nation’s prisons are fed up with facing threats from both prisoners and bosses. The American Federation of Government (AFGE) Employees Council of Prison Locals called on Attorney General Eric Holder and the United States Congress in July to hold Bureau of Prisons (BOP) leadership accountable for failure to make changes to the climate of retaliation and discrimination that’s running rampant in the federal prison system.

“Not only do correctional workers face life threatening situations on a daily basis, but they are facing retaliation from managers” if they complain about retaliation and discrimination by their bosses, said Michael Castelle, Sr., National Fair Practices Coordinator for the AFGE Council of Prison Locals.

“BOP management has done the bare minimum to address this issue,” Castelle said, noting that the agency has yet to enforce the fixes recommended after a damaging EEOC report was released in November 2010. The November 2010 EEOC Bureau of Prisons report stemmed from concerns over the unusually large number of complaints BOP employees filed from 2003-2006 in which they alleged retaliation. A class action complaint alleged a pattern and practice of retaliation against prison workers.

“Retaliation and harassment…has not diminished since the issuance of the EEOC report,” said Castelle. “Managers that discriminate at the Bureau of Prisons do so with complete impunity.” AFGE urged Congress and Attorney General Holder to “take action and demand accountability of BOP management for their cavalier attitude toward the well-being of their employees.”

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