Occupy DC Labor Committee Brings Movements Together

Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy DC Labor Committee Brings Movements Together(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)After weeks of collaboration between local labor and occupiers at McPherson Square, a new tent on the square marks a next step in building connections between the Occupy movement and the local labor community. Occupiers, union members and local activists interested in developing the relationship between the two movements recently created the Occupy DC Labor Committee, which plans to meet every Sunday at noon in McPherson Square. The group’s first move was to erect the labor tent last Thursday, creating a place for workers to plug in to the Occupy Movement and for occupiers to learn more about the labor movement. Locals and internationals are already jumping at the opportunity to staff the labor tent and the Labor Committee plans to reach out to individuals, locals, and internationals across the district to join in. Click here  for more information and to sign up to staff the labor tent. In addition to the tent, the labor committee is also working on an “Occupy DC Wish List” for the labor community. The wish list, which is posted on the Metro Council’s website, lists items requested by Occupy DC committees, and will continue to be updated by the labor committee. As unions step up to donate items and services they are invited to email Julia (jkann@dclabor.org) so the Council can cross off the items and publicly thank the locals stepping up to support the occupiers. - photo by Chris Garlock


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