Thousands Pitch Tents on Mall to "Take Back The Capitol"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thousands Pitch Tents on Mall to (Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Thousands of people are arriving in DC today to participate in a 4-day “Take Back The Capitol” mobilization that includes a massive tent city on the Mall. Unemployed and underemployed people from every state are expected, along with students, community activists, union members, healthcare advocates, and travelers from Occupy sites from coast to coast. The action’s focus is to take back the Capitol from corporate control, with an immediate goal of pressing Congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits that are set to run out at the end of the month for more than 2 million people. “It’s time for the 99% to be a visible, peaceful presence on Capitol Hill,” say organizers, an informal coalition of unions, community and Occupy groups. “By day we’ll show up at Congressional hearings and K Street lobbyists’ offices, and by night we’ll crash in church auditoriums, union halls, and in tents around the Capitol.” Highlights include making signs and banners at the People's Camp (near 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, Northwest) today, “Take Back the People's House” tomorrow, a massive "Make Wall Street Pay" K Street action Wednesday and “Demand Justice for the 99%” on Thursday. Click here for a calendar of events, which we’ll update as more info is available. - report by Chris Garlock


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