National Prayer Vigil Today for the Jobless and Jobs

Thursday, December 8, 2011

National Prayer Vigil Today for the Jobless and Jobs(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)“I am college educated and a military veteran as well but neither seems to make a difference in today's depressed job market,” says Peter, from Keysville, VA (pictured at right). “There are fewer jobs to be had, and the few that are available are paying less money than I made as a HS dropout in 1983.” Thousands of unemployed workers like Peter will join with faith, labor and community activists at 11a this morning for an interfaith prayer vigil on Capitol Hill. Unless Congress acts, this lifeline for nearly 2 million jobless workers will be cut off on December 31 when extended unemployment insurance benefits expire. Sandra, from the District, has been out of work for over a year, as companies that want to hire her “go belly up in this nightmarish economy.” Still, she keeps looking for work, and needs extended unemployment as she continues “to try to make headway.” 6,200 District residents will lose emergency unemployment aid if Congress does not act; 14,300 in Maryland, and 15,600 in Virginia. Unemployed union construction worker Mary, from Columbia, MD, “went from visions of having my skills, education, vocation, certifications, and ethics embraced… to receiving foodstamps, a medical card, and watching my unemployment run out. I want to work! I need to work! I am not a labor statistic, nor am I a human services statistic, and neither are my children. WE ARE THE PEOPLE!” Click here for more real-life stories about what unemployment insurance means to America. - image courtesy of AFL-CIO


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