IBEW Takes On Real Needs

Thursday, December 15, 2011

IBEW Takes On Real Needs(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)“The one in need next time could be you.” That was the lesson of a skit at the annual United Way charitable giving campaign December 8 at the IBEW, put on as a collaboration between management and labor at the union. The skit highlighted a worker who initially didn’t want to give, saying that money went to people not really in need. But after his own accidents and misfortune, the worker sees the light and realizes the value of contributing. “IBEW staff and the OPEIU Local 2 members there have been historically very generous,” says Community Services Agency Executive Director Kathleen McKirchy, making IBEW the biggest giver in the United Way Labor Division locally. “Many thanks to the IBEW United Way Committee for coming up with a creative new way to encourage support for United Way agencies…including CSA.” “Actors” in the skit were Suzanne Finn, IBEW Membership Development Department and OPEIU Local 2 members Lucas Oswalt, communications specialist, Liz Pultar, agreement approval analyst, and Zandra Brandon, agreement approval analyst.Organized by Len Shindel, OPEIU Chief Shop Steward and Caroline Williams, Director of Human Services. - image: flyer advertising IBEW skit featuring actor and Local 2 member Lucas Oswalt


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