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Senior Secretary, AFL-CIO Government Affairs Department (Posted: 7/16/2014)  
Data Entry
 (PT), Community Services Agency;  send resume to kmckirchy@dclabor.org (7/16)
Administrative Assistant (PT), DC Jobs with Justice, email Nikki@dcjwj.org for job description (posted 7/16)
Administrative Assistant II, AFSCME Organizing and Field Services (Posted: 7/2/2014)
Office Assistant, AFSCME Council 77 (Posted: 7/14/2014) West Virginia
Meetings and Travel Director, AFL-CIO Meetings and Travel Department (Posted: 6/29/2014) District of Columbia
Administrative Assistant, AFL-CIO Policy Department (Posted: 6/24/2014)
Administrative Assistant, AFL-CIO Office of the General Counsel (Posted: 6/20/2014) 
Administrative Secretary-Legal Associate (Confidential), CWA Legal Department (Posted: 6/24/2014)
Administrative Secretary, CWA (Posted: 6/20/2014)
Senior Benefits Assistant, UFCW (Posted: 6/19/2014)
Accounting Clerk, VII, Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers IU; resumes to cclaypoole@bacweb.org

Communications/Digital Digital Media and Website Associate, IFPTE Local 70's CEPR bargaining unit (posted 6/16)
Communications Director, Laborers' Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizing Coalition (Posted: 6/20/2014)
Senior Policy Communications Specialist, AFL-CIO (Posted: 6/10/2014) 
Communications Coordinator - Bilingual English/Spanish Grade:D, SEIU (Posted: 6/13/2014) 
Associate Editor, SIU (Seafarers International Union) (Posted: 6/13/2014)  Junior Field Communications Coordinator, AFL-CIO Communications Department (Posted: 6/3/2014)

IT  Senior Data Administrator, Working America (Posted: 7/3/2014)
Software Developer (Assistant Director Level), AFT Information Technology Department (Posted: 6/19/2014)

Staff Attorney, DCNA (Posted: 6/30/2014) District of Columbia
Associate General Counsel, AFL-CIO Office of the General Counsel (Posted: 6/20/2014)
Staff Attorney, DCNA (Posted: 6/17/2014)

Campaign Director, Future of Work (Posted: 7/18/2014)
Executive Director, Pride at Work (Washington, DC) (Posted: 7/16/2014)
Regulatory & Policy Specialist, NNU (7/22)
Director of Strategic Human Resources, Solidarity Center (Posted: 7/11/2014)
Labor Management Assistant, AFSA (Posted: 7/9/2014)
Labor Economist I (Posted: 7/2/2014)  
Associate Director, Management Grade 8, AFSCME Research and Collective Bargaining Dept. (Posted: 7/2/2014)
Director, Federal Government Affairs Department, AFSCME Headquarters (Posted: 7/2/2014)
Field Representative (Field Services Specialist), WTU Local 6 (Posted: 7/9/2014)
Assistant Manager of Field Support, Organizing and Minority Engagement, VEA (Posted: 7/10/2014)

Sr. Benefits Examiner, IV, Bricklayers International Pension Fund (Posted: 6/18/2014)
Campaign Director for Airports Grade: E, SEIU; Flexible Location (Posted: 6/19/2014) 
Business Representative, SAG-AFTRA (Posted: 6/16/2014) 
Contract Enforcement Specialist, UNITE HERE 23; email cover letter, resume and three references to chendricks@unitehere.org (posted 7/15)
Organizing  Internal Organizer, UNITE HERE 25 (Posted: 7/16/2014)
Organizing Coordinator I – Higher Education Campaign/ Maryland, SEIU (Posted: 7/17/2014) Organizer Development and Recruitment Coordinator (2 Vacancies), AFSCME (Posted: 7/2/2014)
Organizer-in-Training (OIT), AFSCME (Posted: 7/1/2014)
Organizing Coordinator I – Higher Education Campaign/ Maryland, SEIU, Baltimore (Posted: 6/19/2014)

Political Organizer, NNU (Posted: 7/15/2014) 
Budget and Reporting Coordinator, AFL-CIO Political Department (Posted: 7/3/2014)
Political Assistant, AFL-CIO Political Department (Posted: 7/3/2014)
Political Department Intern, SEIU (Posted: 7/4/2014)
Political Organizer, NNU (Posted: 7/3/2014) Maryland

Strategic Researchers and Campaigners, AFL-CIO (Posted: 7/17/2014)
Strategic Researchers and Campaigners, AFL-CIO (Posted: 7/1/2014)  
Strategic Analyst II
, AFSCME Department of Organizing and Field Services/Corporate Affairs (Posted: 7/2/2014)  
Data and Targeting Specialist I
, AFSCME USU Grade 8 (Posted: 7/2/2014)
Research Associate - Early Learning Campaign, SEIU Grade PS1-A (Posted: 7/3/2014)
Strategic Researcher, Ironworkers Union
, Iron Workers (posted 7/2/2014)
Strategic Researcher, LIUNA-MAROC (Posted: 6/30/2014) District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia


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